“I have a client who loves his car – constantly talks about it. I asked my client’s wife to secretly take a couple of photos of it and email them to me. Then I sent them to ‘Your Car’s a Star’. They made a gorgeous piece of art, sent it to me for approval, then had it reproduced on canvas and shipped it to my client with a note from me. He said it was the best birthday gift he ever got. One happy client! Thank you guys!”


New York

“All I can say is ‘wow’! I’m a realtor in downtown San Diego. I opened a new office and was looking for some unique artwork for the walls. I wanted to show some of the high-rise condos where I have listings, but every realtor does that. Then I ran across Classic Car Images. They magically put fabulous cars in front of the buildings and made king-size images for me. Turned ubiquitous buildings found in competitors’ offices into art that gets attention from everyone who comes in or looks in our windows from the street. Sets us apart. We might have even gotten a new listing because of them!”


San Diego

“I collect old cars and house them in my private museum. Classic Car Images created a beautiful work of art from some pretty mundane photos we took of one of my classics. Outstanding! I’m thinking of doing more. Might even do every car I own . . . .”

Los Angeles area old car collector