Image #65 - Tail of a Planet Nearest the Sun - 3x2

Tail of a Planet Nearest the Sun


If Mercury was also the name of the Roman messenger god, the god of speed and commerce, wouldn’t it make a great name for a car?

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Mercury: (1) the messenger god; (2) the god of speed; (3) the planet closest to, and fastest rotating around the sun. Ford Motor Company introduced the more upscale Mercury brand in 1939. Its ’49-’51 generation became the hippest car in the rod and custom world. The ’57 may well have been the most distinctive among many hugely distinctive makes in that watershed model year. With apologies for the many Mercurys that were simply clones of their Ford siblings (or perhaps because of them), the brand was abandoned after a few 2011 models were made. This image of the ’57 Mercury’s tail is naturally limited to . . . what? 57.  On aluminum, ready to hang, accompanied by signed, sequentially numbered Certificate of Authenticity.  Low numbers available.

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