What is this?  What’s it doin’ in a gallery of automotive art?

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Image Description

It’s the inside roofliner of a 1947 Ford Woodie wagon shot at dusk. That lacquer seriously shines, don’t it? After a day in the surf, the dude stows his longboard up top, doffs his wetsuit, dons his party duds, then drives to … nah. He hollers for his Gidget and they curl up right here and watch the stars come out. There’s nothin’ better than this. No wonder those dudes literally lived in their cars. Image available on acrylic (it’s heavy but gorgeous) or aluminum. Limited edition of 47. Mounting and serialized Certificate of Authenticity included.

Additional Information

Dimensions 32 x 24 in

36×24 on aluminum $895, 36×24 on acrylic $995, 48×32 on acrylic $1,595