#47 1962 Ford Thunderbird



Pretty, huh? What’s different about this 1962 Thunderbird?

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Here’s our design for a radical Bulletbird. Extended hood. Radiused rear wheel openings on top of 19” rims with custom built stock-look hubcaps. Hawk fins. Porsche fender vents. Orange over orange over orange. Note that its grandfather is ghosted behind. Wanna build a full-size real one? Throw a lot of money at us. The artwork is cheaper by far and will take up less space in your house or garage. Limited edition of … what year is this? … 62. Image on your choice of canvas or aluminum.  Either way, your artwork will be ready to hang as it comes; no frame needed.  And we’ll enclose a signed and numbered Certificate of Authenticity.

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24×12 on canvas $495, 24×12 on aluminum $495, 32×16 on canvas $595, 32×16 on aluminum $595, 36×18 on aluminum $695