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Markin’ Time


When were the Lincoln Continental ‘Mark’ series cars (Mark II through Mark VIII) built?

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The original Lincoln Continentals were built from 1940-1948. Starting with the super-expensive, beautiful and rare Continental Mark IIs of 1956 and ’57, Lincoln used the ‘Mark’ moniker to designate its top-of-the-line models until 1960, and then again from 1969-1998.  Shown is a very uptown 1978 Lincoln Continental Mark V coupe in downtown San Diego 30 years later. In the background: the Meridian, Pinnacle, Renaissance and Horizons condominiums. If you’d have been asleep for the past 30 years and not seen how automobiles had evolved, the style of the Lincoln would seem completely in keeping with all of the structures that were completed long after its time. Image on gallery-wrapped canvas. Edition limited to 78 of course. Numbered Certificate of Authenticity included, signed by the artist. Low numbers available.

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