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It’s a Duesy


What amazing automobile make won the Indianapolis 500 4 times in a span of just 6 years?

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The Pace Car of the 1921 Indianapolis 500 was a Duesenberg Model A, piloted by Fred Duesenberg himself.  In 1922, ‘24, ’25 and ’27, they won the race, amazingly with five different drivers (2 in 1924–one who started and one who finished).  They were so outstanding that they spawned a new expression, one that has lasted to this day.  “It’s a Duesy” defines an item that is infinitely better than anything else in its class.  Duesies were owned by kings, captains of industry and celebrities, like Rudolf Valentino, Howard Hughes, Clark Gable, Gary Cooper … and Al Capone.  Here’s a view of a beautifully restored 1921, shot when it was just 96 years old at the new 2017 Classic Auto Show at the Los Angeles Convention Center.  Available on aluminum or canvas. Comes with a signed, numbered Certificate of Authenticity. Limited edition of 21, of course.

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