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Impala’s Tail


Did Chevrolet pick this name for its new top-of-the-line coupe and convertible because the animal was rare, graceful and fast?


Image Description

Impala is a 100-150 pound reddish antelope from eastern and southern Africa. It leaps gracefully to avoid predators.  It’s very pretty. So is its namesake, the 3,500 pound Impala, the one Chevrolet introduced in 1958 to sit atop its Bel Air series.  It is the best of General Motors’ glitzy (some would say gaudy) ‘58s.  Well, the Caddy was pretty too, but the ones in the middle, Pontiac, Oldsmobile and Buick, well, if you liked chrome slathered on the sides like a plasterer gone mad, well . . . .  This is an image of the very distinctive (glitzy, but also pretty) rear view of the Chevrolet version of the animal, in red of course.  It’s available on gallery-wrapped canvas or aluminum, both ready-to-hang. It comes with a signed, sequentially numbered Certificate of Authenticity. No more than 58 such images will be made before we break the mold and make no more.


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