Image #30 - Fadeaway - 2x3

Fadeaway to the Horizon


If you no longer have fenders separate from the car body, you no longer need running boards, right? Is this the mid-century evolution of automotive styling?

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“Old soldiers never die. They just fade away.”  We think the idea of front fenders fading into a car’s body was the brainstorm of a Southern California car customizer around 1941. But fadeaway fenders became famous when Buick introduced them after the War. Eventually, of course, separate fenders were streamlined completely out of existence. (OMG, they really did … fade away.) Here’s a 1947 Buick in front of a downtown San Diego condominium that was built about 54 years later. Its name: “Horizons.” Gallery-wrapped canvas. Numbered and signed Certificate comes with. Edition limited to 47.

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Dimensions 24 x 32 in

16×24 on canvas $575, 24×36 on canvas $795