Image #26 - DimYourDamnHeadlights - 3x1

Dim Your Damn Headlights!


Ever been blinded by an idiot in the opposite lane coming straight at you with his brights on?

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Image Description

Comin’ at ya baby. Better move your glaze down and to the right shoulder, else you’ll be temporarily blinded by this idiot. Image on high-gloss aluminum, wall-mount on the back. No frame needed. (Like to frame this SOB right up the river.) Signed and numbered Certificate of Authenticity accompanies art. No limit on the number of pieces of this, because there’s no limit on the number of assholes with oncoming brights who’re out there.

Additional Information

Dimensions 36 x 12 in

24×8 on aluminum $595, 36×12 on aluminum $795, 60×20 on aluminum $1,195