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Caudal Caddy


Was this the ultimate exercise of findom?

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Inspired by a WWII fighter plane, the 1948 Cadillac introduced tailfins on cars. Years later, the ’59 took the “Can You Top This” title away from Chrysler. Then the ’61 broke new ground again, with fins inspired by the fishes who used tailfins top and bottom (“caudal fins”) to move swiftly through their environment. The ‘61 looked great – more sophisticated than the “over the top” style of ’59 and ’60. But in the next few years, most cars (even father-of-the-fin Cadillac) would lose the idea entirely. Keep your faith in fins with this image, infused on aluminum, on your wall. It’s ready to hang; no frame needed. It comes with a signed serialized Certificate of Authenticity. No more than 61 will ever be created.

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