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What if Q tinkered with the monster motor in James Bond’s BMW? What might that motor be called?

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There was a British Spy known as 007. In at least 3 of his movies, he drove a BMW. (BMW is English by injection. They own Rolls Royce.) This is a BMW 12-cylinder engine. Since you might find one similar to it under the bonnet of a vehicle in an Ian Fleming spy movie, we call it 0012. At 50 horses per cylinder, it puts out about 600 very smooth hp. “Is it really necessary to drive so fast? More often than you think,” said Bond. Image is on either metallic paper mounted to Gatorboard ready for framing, or on aluminum with wall-mount attached, thus no frame needed. Limited edition of merely 0012. Signed, numbered Certificate of Authenticity included.

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Dimensions 36 x 24 in

24×16 on metallic paper on gator board $395, 30×20 on aluminum $595, 36×24 on aluminum $795