San Diego – Gordon Summer, who some may know as a community activist and some as co-producer of the U.S. Sand Sculpting Challenge with his wife, Joyce (the real community activist), has just launched a new website about his second-love, cars.

Showcasing beautiful art that was digitally created from photographs he’s taken around San Diego, the unique feature of the site is that it offers car lovers the opportunity to turn photos of their cars into artworks produced on canvas, aluminum, acrylic or wood. They can choose from realistic renderings that appear like paintings, to abstracts or anything in between. They can have their cars taken out of their driveway and transposed into photos they may have taken at resorts or other exotic locales.

The creations are beautiful enough to enhance the walls of offices, family rooms and even living rooms. The website even offers automotive art appropriate for car lovers’ kitchens. Two pieces, one called “Steamed Veggies” and one called “Veggie Delivery”, show fresh vegetables transported in classic Stanley Steamer pickups from a century ago. Stanley made vehicles powered by steam, but the only Stanley pickup trucks exist in this art, not in reality. The best-known and most “esteamed” car collector in the U.S., Jay Leno, has featured steam-powered cars on his TV show, Jay Leno’s Garage. No emissions!

The site features a series of classic vehicles in San Diego settings, as well as classics in their own right, no background needed.

Classic customs, designed by the artist, are also on the site: A highly modified 1962 Thunderbird, a Chevrolet SSR roadster pickup with classic Cadillac fenders and a Mustang transformed with a station wagon back, reminiscent of a Chevrolet Nomad or Volvo 1800ES. Artwork showing these vehicles is available, but “for lots of money”, Mr. Summer offers to supervise creation of real vehicles using these designs.

Summer’s bona fides include many years on Madison Avenue (like some characters on the TV series Mad Men), where he worked on businesses as diverse as Pepsi-Cola USA, the CBS television network, Gillette and Toys ‘R’ Us’. He was also on the organizing committee of the La Jolla Concours d’Elegance and was a judge at that event.

He loves “big boys’ toys”. You can tell when you visit, developed by Enne Bi Communications.

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Gordon Summer