Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get one of your images in a size larger than you offer on your site?

Sure. Tell us what you want and we’ll do our best to accommodate.

If I email photos of my car to you, how long will it take until I receive a finished work of art?

We can usually get that to you within 4 weeks.

I love the cars in your ‘San Diego Car Scene’ series. Are you planning to go to any other locations?

We’re thinking of a series set in L.A. We might do that within the next 12 months. Southern California has a great car culture. What do you have in mind?

If I send in a photo of my car and order an image of it, will that be the only image of it that you create? Will it be “one of one”?

In most cases, yes. But if we notify you that we think others might be interested in the design and you release it for us to offer on the website, we’ll pay you a royalty of up to $50 for each image we sell.

Are you going to do more musclecars?

If we catch ‘em around Southern California in the near future, or get just the right angle at one of the car shows we attend. Or if someone sends us a photo of their car, orders a piece and then allows us to release a limited number to others.

I’m ordering a custom “Your Car’s a Star” image as a gift for my uncle. The ‘ship to’ address is his. I want to enclose a personal note in the package and make sure there’s nothing in there that has the price.

We’ll be happy to enclose your note, and rest assured that the packing slip will not have the price you paid on it. Just be sure to indicate “gift” when you order.

How much do you charge for shipping and handling on custom “Your Car’s a Star” orders?

We pass the s&h cost along to you without any markup. We provide a quote as part of our routine correspondence with you.

I see you have my fave, the 1940 Ford, available in red, blue or brown. Can you do it in black?

Probably can. Send us an email. Tell us what you want and we’ll do our best to accommodate.

You have images of so many classics. Why don’t you have one of the Batmobile?

If you own one of the Batmobiles and take a snapshot of it, we’ll rework it into an image you’d be proud to hang in your office or den . . . even your living room. But we won’t take an image from the internet and use it as the basis of our work. If someone else owns that image, it might violate copyright laws.

I have a collection of several classic cars and old hotrods. Would you come out and photograph all of my cars and then create artworks of each?

If we can fit ii into our schedule, we will accommodate you. We’ll have to charge for time and expenses of course, in addition to our usual fees for each image that is created.