Behind the Scenes

The wonderful images on the site were generated over a period of years, beginning in 2007. The creative
hotshot who digitally transformed these works himself or supervised their development is a long-retired Mad Man (as in Madison Avenue) named Gordon “Endless” Summer. He’s always loved automotive design and now focuses on creating images that glorify the most beautiful cars of the past 100 years.

He’s worked for national advertisers like the CBS Television Network, Gillette, J&B, Kodak, Pepsi-Cola, Sony, Sunkist, Toys ‘R’ Us and more, but now concentrates his efforts on the exquisite machines sometimes called “rolling art” and sometimes known as “big boys’ toys.” His
automotive work appears in homes and offices from New York to Los Angeles, to his adopted home town of San Diego, where he served as a Board Member and Judge of the prestigious La Jolla Concours
d’Elegance. (That’s evidence that he knows somethin’ about cars.)

Starting with a photo or photos that we take, or those provided by car owners, we digitally enhance them, then have the images reproduced on materials that show them off in the best possible light. Once printed, we personally check each one for accuracy, enclose a numbered Certificate of Authenticity signed by the artist, then ship them directly to you.